All roles are open to anyone in the community, and no experience is necessary to audition.

Audition Process:


This season's panto is going to be a magical fun treat!

This production has been cast. Thanks to all you wonderful people who came and tried out.

They Promised Her the Moon Image

Written by Laura Ollstein and Directed by Janine Longy.

Our third production of the new season They Promised Her the Moon is based on a fascinating true story.

Auditions will be cold reading from the script which can be read online . Printed copies will be available at Oak Bay Flower Shop, 2187 Oak Bay Avenue after October 1,2023.

If possible, email your completed copy of the audition form found at to and bring a printed copy to the audition.

AUDITION DATES (Changed Aug 1st): 

Thursday, November 2 at 7pm 
Saturday, November 4 at 2pm 

Call-backs: Sunday, November 5 at 2pm 


The first American woman to test for space flight, Jerrie Cobb, steps into an isolation tank for a record-breaking nine hours. Her memories unfold before her, from learning to fly a plane as a child in Oklahoma to testifying in Congressional hearings about the under-the-radar all-female Mercury 13 space program. This is a compelling drama about the challenges of sisterhood and fighting for the greater good, based on a true story

There are minor and major roles. Some of the major roles can be combined with the exception of Jerrie and Jackie. Suggested ages are flexible.

Jerrie Cobb (f)

Portrayed from 17 – 50 years old.
Passionate pilot.

Dr. Lovelace (m) A scientist and a doctor.

Jackie Cochran (f) 35–60 years old. Flamboyant, fearless.

Harvey Cobb (m) 30–60 years old. Ex-pilot, drinker

Helena Cobb (f) Jerrie's mother. Scripture spouting

Circus Bob (m) Owner of a rural Oklahoma circus (Act 1)

Mayor (m,f) A small town politician. (Act 1)

Jack Ford (m) 40s. A pilot with plenty of swagger

John Glenn (m) One of the Mercury 7 astronauts. Machismo. (Act 2)

Congressman Anfuso (m) New York congressman (Act 2)

Congressman Waggonner (m) Southern congressman (Act 2)

Mrs. White Jerrie's first-grade teacher in Oklahoma
(Act 1)

Child 1 & 2 (m, f) (Act 1)

PIlot (m) (Act 1)

Young Woman (f) (Act 2)

Carlos (m) Voice only. Air Traffic Controller in the Amazon Jungle (Act 2)

Radio Newscaster Voice only.

Female & Other Reporters (m, f) (Act 2)

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