All roles are open to anyone in the community, and no experience is necessary to audition.

Audition Process:


Our first play of the new season is going to be a puzzling mystery.

Audition Dates: 

Friday, July 21 7-9pm 

Saturday, July 22 4-6pm 

Call-backs: Sunday, July 23 2-4pm 


In the seemingly quiet town of Bere Knighton there is never a dull moment for Dr. Richard Forth. Not only does he have a hectic work schedule and an awkward friendship with his ex-girlfriend, but his wife, Barbara, is constantly ill and nobody knows what is wrong with her. When Eric Dawson, a stranger, claims to have known Richard's second fiancée—a woman Richard claims does not exist—Barbara's health worsens and she isn't the only one. With bad luck spreading almost as quickly as bad news, it seems somebody is out to kill Barbara, and anyone else who gets in their way.

 Barbara Forth

(30s) - Married to Dr. Richard Forthe (his 2nd wife.) Anxious and plagued with health problems ever since she married the good doctor.   

 Dr. Richard Forth (30s) – Married to Barbara. The local doctor for the town. Short tempered, with an awkward friendship with his ex-girlfriend Julia Moore. Richard's first wife died under mysterious circumstances.
 Dorothy Livingston (45) – Local charwoman. Friendly. Full of gossip and common sense
 Mary Haigh (late 60s) – Friend of Barbara and Richard. Also in on the local gossip and full of double-edged compliments. Handles the conversation for both her and her husband Allen.
 Alan Haigh (late 60s) Married to Mary. Likeable. Obsessed with his bowling game.
 Eric Dawson (40s) - Computer Salesman. A seemingly nice, sweet guy.
 Julia Moore (about 45) - Wealthy Socialite (who demonstrates it through her lifestyle). Richard's ex-girlfriend. Still in love with Richard, but with enough taste to not be obvious about it.

This season's panto is a magical favourite!

Audition Dates: 

Thursday, September 14 7-9pm 

Saturday, September 16 1-3pm 

Call-backs: Sunday, September 17 2-4pm 


A handsome but superficial Prince is transformed by a magical enchantress into a frightening Beast as punishment for his vanity. Only true love will break the spell. Join Belle and her friends on this magical adventure as they discover that beauty is more than skin deep. With plenty of traditional pantomime audience participation and huge helpings of laughter, this is a family show not to miss!


A giant French Poodle speaks with a French accent — a very human sort of poodle. Ideally, his costume should make him human with just a hint of dog.)   

 Jacques Beauty's brother
 Malabelle A wicked witch 
 Ma The Dame. Beauty & Jack's mum 
 Beauty Also known as Rose
 Prince/Beast The vain Prince, then cursed Beast
 Talking Clock A timely character
 Aimee A castle servant
 Remi A castle servant 
 2 Royal Pages So dignified!
Chest of Drawers
Small speaking parts 
Chorus Villagers, wolves,bears, castle servants, ghosts etcetera

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